Every single day, we see stray animals. While most of us would think that these animals do deserve a better life, it’s not every day that we see people take time to really do something about it.

One father decided to post a photo of his son. In this photo, we see this young boy from the Philippines feeding stray dogs. This is where our beautiful story begins.

Source: Happy Animals Club

An act of kindness

Ken Amante who was then 9 years old was quite busy for his age. His parents started to wonder what he did during his free time or after school so they tried to check on him.

Ken’s father was surprised when he found out what kept his young boy busy.

Source: Happy Animals Club

Almost every day, Ken would go to a grocery store to buy food using some of his pocket money. These weren’t for him or for anyone else, rather, he spends his afternoon feeding stray dogs.

Ken’s father was touched by his son’s gesture that he took a photo and shared it. The photo was shared last February of 2014.

Source: Happy Animals Club

Ken Amante

Just like any 9-year old boy, Ken loves to play and is active in school. He also loves animals. One day as he was walking his dog, he saw a family of stray dogs and he knew that he had to help.

In an interview with HNGN, Ken shared that he named the 3 stray dogs Whitey, Blackie, and Brownie. At first, it was only Whitey who was trusting enough to come close but after a few weeks of feeding them, all three became close to Ken.

Source: Happy Animals Club

“I love animals. I have one rescue dog and two rescue cats. Ever since I can remember I wanted to open an animal shelter to help the stray dogs and cats on the streets,” shares young Ken on his website.

After the post went viral, Ken’s family started receiving donations from all over the world!

Happy Animals Club

Source: Happy Animals Club

The outpour of support and love from many people across the globe reached Ken and his family. What better way to spend all the donations than to make his dream of creating a shelter come true?

Ken created a non-profit organization called the Happy Animals Club last May of 2014. He was able to lease a 1,000 square meter lot for a year and there, he started his dream of creating a shelter for all the animals in need.

Source: Happy Animals Club

At a very young age, he was already able to set his goals straight – to help animals.

Years later, Ken is now a teen and he was able to sustain his project of helping animals. His no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary has grown bigger thanks to the volunteers who are helping Ken and his family run the shelter.

Source: Happy Animals Club

On his website, you’ll see tons of supporters who have been more than willing to extend their help to keep this wonderful shelter active. Happy Animals Club’s website is very active and everyone is being updated with what’s going on with the shelter and sanctuary.

Source: Happy Animals Club

For all those who want to extend their help, don’t hesitate to do it. Remember, even the smallest act of kindness, no matter how small will have a big impact.

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