The young Aspin breed of dog started following the jeepney passenger vehicle in Quezon City, Philippines on March 27. She kept chasing after a bus – until it stopped and the driver adopted her. 

“The stray dog was sitting in a public road, then when our jeepney [a form of local public transportation] passed by, she suddenly chased the jeepney and she wanted to take a ride,” Barcelinia told The Dodo.

Being a stray animal must be a tough life.

For the most part, many of the pets that we keep are pretty far removed from their undomesticated counterparts. If they haven’t adapted to an urban environment, they’re likely to starve or die of exposure.

It is reported that there was a god chasing after a bus to find new owner in Quezon City in the Philippines. After sitting on it for a moment, Barcelinia – taxi driver noticed that there was a stray dog chasing the bus. Although this wasn’t particularly unusual, what was unusual was just how determined this dog was to either catch the bus or get on it.

When the parked, the dog would try to jump on the back of it, but each time the dog missed. The dog tried doing this about six different times!

Being offered the second for life

The driver was reluctant to let the dog board — worried that the stray pup might act out and bite a passenger. Before long, Barcelinia thought that maybe the driver should just let the dog onboard.

Although he felt pity for the dog, the driver kept going because he worried that the dog might bite the other passengers. However, the little dog didn’t give up. No matter how tired the dog became, she seemed intent on catching up to the vehicle. Needless to say, the dog’s determination was pretty inspiring to anybody who witnessed it!

Fortunately, the bus stopped and the driver asked for permission for the dog to to get onboard. After seeing all the dog’s efforts, the driver relented and let the little pup onboard.

Eventually, the tired dog completed her dream — a well-deserved rest in the shade of the covered vehicle. “She entered the jeepney then took a nap inside,” Barcelinia said.Although the bus driver was initially hesitant to let the pup onboard, he changed his mind eventually.

 “Even after the journey finished the dog didn’t want to leave,” Barcelinia said in an interview with Newsflare. “The driver is now keeping her and taking care of her.” As this story pretty clearly shows, a little bit of determination can go a long way!

Even after letting the dog get on, the driver eventually felt an attachment for the little girl and decided to keep her and take care of her!

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