Being considered as the sweetiest creatures who love snuggling with their loved ones—There was a cat surprised all of people when he made friend with a big Rhino.

Commonly, friendship among animals is widely known but this is the first time there was a brave cat dare to have relationship with Endangered Rhino. It turns out, humans aren’t the mammals that cats form bonds with. A zoo in the Czech Republic, Safari Park Dvůr Králové, found that cats get along incredibly well with their endangered black rhinos!

While it doesn’t seem like these two kinds of critters could have much in common, there is video proof of the opposite. Oliver Le Que works at the zoo and told Liftable, a section of The Western Journal, all about their black rhino “barn cats.”

When Jan Žďárek – One of the zookeepers was checking for the security, he came across the couple playing together he could even hide his curiousity:  “Jan Žďárek’ was surprised that he laughed as loudly as he could,” said zookeeper Oliver Le Que.

Since then they started out with a cat named “cat” — or “Kočka” in Czech. More were added eventually, and Le Que was careful to note that all of them had been saved and all of them were black. He also said that there’s a joke about the cats matching the rhinos, as Žďárek likes to say, “You cannot breed black rhinos without black cats!”

While the rhinos and cats mostly get along, there was one incident: a young rhino named Jasiri bit off the top of Kočka’s tail. After this incident, the zookeepers carefully introduced Kočka to one of the other rhinos, Emilka. The zookeepers closely monitored the situation, making sure Kočka was okay. But the cat harbored no ill-will towards the rhinos.

“Kočka’s and Emilka look forward to seeing each other everyday. It’s beyond sweet,” photographer Ami Vitale said. Over 160,000 people have watched this adorable video. Everyone loves seeing how happy Emilka and Mia are together!

In May 2019, Jasiri embarked on a new adventure. Jasiri and five other rhinos from different zoos in Europe are going on a very special trip back to Akagera National Park in Rwanda. Hopefully, these rhinos will be able to help increase the dwindling population of rhinos in Africa.

Kočka’s and his friends – Mia, and Tily are three sweet cats who are doing a great job looking after their gigantic rhino friends! If you want to learn more about the cats and rhinos, check out Safari Park Dvůr Králové’s page.

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