Eldad Hagar is an animal rescuer who has rescued hundreds of animals with the incredible organization Hope for Paws. This rescue, however, would be one that he’d remember for years to come.

A Good Samaritan in Los Angeles heard cries coming from a manhole, as it turned out, they were the cries of a small kitten. A friend of Hagar’s, named Terri Fox who works with Foxy and the Hounds, got wind of the trapped kitten and immediately sent him a text.

Hagar quickly raced to the scene and met up with the Good Samaritans who heard the cries in the first place. He also brought tools to help remove the manhole cover.

“Hi,” Hagar greeted. “Let’s see if it’ll work with screwdrivers.”

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It took a little bit of work, but they were able to lift up the manhole cover and lower themselves down the ladder into the sewer. With a flashlight in hand, they reached the horizontal tunnel running beneath the street.

Shining his flashlight down the tunnel, Hagar spotted the two shining green eyes and a kitten silhouette.

The animal rescuer tried meowing at the little kitten and the kitten would adorably meow back. However, despite the nervous and anxious chatter from the baby, they just wouldn’t come near Hagar.

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In fact, instead of coming closer to the rescuers, the kitten ventured deeper into the sewer tunnel. Unfortunately for Hagar and the other people helping rescue the kitten, it meant that they’d have to get on their hands and knees to crawl.

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Farther into the tunnel, it opened up into a large junction splitting left and right. The group decided to split up.

Hearing more meowing coming from a smaller tunnel, Hagar and another rescuer named Terri ran right toward it. They shined the flashlight into the small tunnel and, sure enough, those two shiny eyes were staring back at them again.

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Terri squeezed into the tunnel in hopes that she’d be able to trap the small kitten. If they were just able to corner the tiny kitten, then hopefully, swooping it up wouldn’t be an issue.

Thankfully, their plan worked! Terri climbed in and the kitten ran right toward Hagar who captured her with a t-shirt.

“‘Ah-ha! We got you!’ Terri cried excitedly. Although Hagar was no stranger to this kind of work, it was Terri’s first-ever sewer rescue. On their way back out, she muttered, ‘Oh man, I’m so gross right now,’” described ET.

After passing a swarm of cockroaches on the way of the sewer, they knew this was no place for a baby kitty cat. They had to get her out of there right away. As they were maneuvering out of the sewer, they named the fast and sly cat ‘Slinky.’

“You don’t want to be here,” Hagar told Slinky.

Finally, Hagar, Slinky, and the rescuers made their way back up the ladder and onto the Los Angeles streets. The Good Samaritans were waiting for the kitten with a blanket.

Slinky was taken to the hospital where she was cleaned up and given all of her needed medications and vaccinations. They weren’t sure how the poor kitten ended up in the sewer but they were so happy they were able to save her before it was too late.

If you’re interested in adopting Slinky, you can contact Foxy and the Hounds!

Watch the incredible Hope for Paws rescue in the video below. Absolutely amazing work!

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