Sometimes, there is nobody come and rescue cats promptly when they face the death. Thus, just they themselves have to struggle significantly if they do not want to lose their life.

There was a kitty that was stuck in the mud at a pond before a quick thinking man saved its life. It was reported that there was a man heard the cries for help that were coming from outside and rushed to see what was going on.

The sight left him heart-broken. While looking round to make the sound out, he found a tiny cat was struggling to find her way out of the mud she somehow got stuck into. This is definitely one of the most amazing animal rescues he stumbled upon. Namely, a cat was desperately trying to find a safe place where she could keep herself alive.

The cat managed to be away from the dirty mud, so she decided to swim as fast as she could but it was impossible because the more effort she tried, the deeper in mud she became. This probably sounded like a good idea at first, but it turned out it wasn’t. The poor kittens kept on swimming in the mud and got stuck there.

The man knew the animal’s time was running out and that something had to be done asap. He then got an excellent idea and prayed for it to be working. He grabbed a thick stick and hoped the cat would be able to climb on it. Luckily, she did exactly that, and was soon placed to safety. 

As the ordeal drained all his strength, he rescued her, brought her home and gave her a nice bath and some food. The cat fell in love with the man who saved her life and who helped her recover from the traumatizing experience.  



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