Animal Aid Unlimited established since 2002 is responsible for rescuing and saving the lives of countless stray dogs, cows, cats, and donkeys. The organization’s mission is to replace apathy and neglect with protection.

Animal Aid Unlimited also performs numerous tricky, challenging rescues. In 2016, they performed one of these rescues when they saved a dog who was trapped in a well. Animal Aid Unlimited is doing an incredible job at helping animals throughout Udaipur! If you’d like to see Ruby’s rescue, check out the video below.

Animal Aid Unlimited talked more about their mission in their website and the way their organization has changed the conversation around stray animals in Udaipur:

“By offering the community free-of-cost street animal rescue, we not only rescue hundreds of animals every month, but we create a vital moment of action: When a resident of Udaipur sees an animal who needs help, instead of ignoring that suffering and walking away, our rescue service encourages them to stop and help.”

The pup, Ruby, had fallen into a deep well on the outskirts of Udaipur. Fortunately, a local heard her cries and called Animal Aid Unlimited to rescue her. The rescuers rushed over to the scene with ropes and climbing harnesses.  

One of the rescuers put on a climbing harness, and he began the long, 50-foot descent down into the well. The other rescuers held onto the rope, keeping the climber safe during his descent. The rescuer then put a blanket around Ruby and picked her up. Then, his friends began pulling the pair out of the well.

When they saw her Ruby began crying tears of joy. She was so happy that someone had come to save her! The rescue was a success!

Ruby and her rescuer made it out of the well and back onto solid ground. Then, the rescuers brought Ruby back to their shelter. The pup was so happy to be with people who cared about her.

 “Some heroes wear capes, some wear sandals…” one commenter said. Animal Aid Unlimited have also shared many other videos of their incredible rescues.

One video shows the rescuers saving a puppy stuck in a sewage line. Another video shows the rescuers saving a baby goat who was drowning in a well.

After the rescuers saved her, they reunited her with her worried mother. The puppy’s mother was grateful to the rescuers for helping her little one.

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