Recently, Pit Bulls – the most America favorite breed of dogs are considered as a threat to young children. As a consequence, the number of Pit Bulls are limited even ended up being put down in term of all misconceptions surrounding these otherwise loving and gentle dogs. Pit bulls were created by breeding bulldogs and terriers together to produce a dog that combined the gameness and agility of the terrier with the strength of the bulldog.

But, there are some good cases for those who owned Pit Bulls argue for their positive points are that nothing really beats Pit Bulls. They are loyal and would do anything to defend their owners whenever they feel they are threatened.

Save-A-Bull-Rescue said “approximately ¾ Pit Bulls was abandoned with the least  posibilities of adoption” as people aren’t particularly interested in offering dogs of this breed a forever home as well as people started using them for dog fighting which contributed to their bad reputation. For instant, In the United Kingdom, these dogs were used in blood sports such as bull-baitingand bear-baiting till 1835.

For the mention-aboved serious situation for Pit Bulls, we should take action to struggle for their rights by sharing stories about families who own Pit Bulls and how well these dogs behave around their human parents and siblings thus raising their awareness of protecting Pit Bulls from being attacked by those are of low knowledge level. Moreover, we should share terrifying stories that depict the reality about the ordeals Pit Bulls go through.

Apparently, dogs showed extremely friendly behavior towards her and even jumped on for the owner’s comfort. Hence, there are no ways to believe that Pit Bulls endenger someone or even consider they are aggressive. Take the case of Anderson as an example, she was excited and rushed to the employees and the shelter director Richard Havens asking for a whelping box. Instead, they euthanized the poor soul while she was giving birth.“Her last moments, while she lay dying, were spent still trying to clean her newly birthed puppies. Their words, not mine,” said Anderson.

“I am aware that euthanasia is a reality at the shelter. I am well aware of the overpopulation problems. I am also well aware that AMW has to make hard decisions. However, I feel that this action is the exact opposite of a what “the most humane community in the Panhandle of Texas” would do,” Anderson added. “This act was horrific to say the least. If this is acceptable to the leadership of the shelter, then what is out of bounds?”



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