One elderly dog was lucky enough to have someone call for help after he showed up in a parking lot in California.

It is seriously tragic that animals seeking to humans to find help, especially when they had visible injuries or health problems. However, it is sadder situation when their effort would not come true and nobody appeared to help.

There was a dog of sickness with severely swollen face. In fact, it was so swollen that when rescue workers tried to gain his trust with a cheeseburger, he was unable to see or smell the food. But at last, the poor dog was able to eat a little.

In order to save his own life, the dog tried his best to creep closer to pedestrians and started to wag his tail. For long time, somebody came and took him to a vet for medical care. With that motion, the poor abandoned dog became known as “Wally.”

Sad story

There was a microchip found with the poor dog. People tried to connect with the dog’s owner and received heartbreaking information.

They asked why the pup was in bad condition?

“She said he lives outside where kids throw firecrackers at him and that’s why he keeps running away,” said a video from Hope for Paws, the rescue organization that took Wally in.

In fact, the woman didn’t want anything to do with him. She had no interest in taking him back, let alone providing him with proper care.

“She got mad, yelled at us, and said she doesn’t want that old dog anyway,” said the video from Hope for Paws.

The new life was coming

He was taken to a veterinary facility where he received the best treatment possible. His pneumonia was treated and he was given plenty to eat. He was also provided a safe place where he wasn’t abused, only loved and cuddled. Wally was looking healthy and happy.

Even better, he was soon adopted by a family who had another dog. Once left lonely and wandering around, Wally now had both human and canine friends.

His face was no longer swollen, he had gained weight, and he was able to breathe easily once again. He was happy to romp around and get petted by the people who rescued him when he was sick, in pain, and needing help.

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