A group of kids were playing outside their apartment complex in Phoenix, Arizona, when they suddenly came across a very tiny kitten — and quickly realized that something wasn’t quite right with her. 

The kids spotted a little kitten sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. Her back legs were covered in dirty, makeshift casts. The cat determined was about six weeks old. Then, they name the Kitten as Cupcake.

The first one came off easily, but the other one was incredibly tight—it had clearly been causing the kitten pain. Once the casts were off, the vet examined Cupcake’s legs. To his shock, her legs were completely fine.

They rushed the kitten inside one of their apartments, and their parents were shocked and confused when they saw that the kitten had two makeshift casts completely covering her back legs. 

“I’m sure they had no idea what to make of what they saw and they took her home to ask their parents what to do with her,” Hamel told The Dodo.

Hamel raced over to the apartment. When she saw the kitten, it was clear she needed to take her to the vet. “I knew the minute she arrived I would run her straight up to my vet,” Hamel said. The kitten was clearly malnourished and dehydrated—she wouldn’t have been able to last much longer on her own. Hamel and the vet couldn’t understand why someone would put casts on a kitten who wasn’t hurt. Cupcake seemed happy to have the weight lifted from her legs—she purred contently.

The kids who had found the kitten said goodbye to their new friend. One of the little girls told Hamel she had named the kitten cupcake, which Hamel loved. As soon as Cupcake was safely in Hamel’s care, the pair hopped into the car and headed to the vet to figure out exactly what was wrong with her. Even though the kids and their parents had filled Hamel in on the situation beforehand, looking down at tiny little Cupcake, she was still shocked and bewildered. 

“She was quite a sight,” Hamel said. “I have to admit I have never seen anything quite like it. Besides the strange apparatus that she was dragging around behind her she was so incredibly tiny! She looked so much bigger in the picture I had been sent.”

Once she’s fully healthy again, she’ll go to her forever home—Hamel has already found the perfect family for her. Cupcake’s first few weeks of life were tough, but now this little kitten has a great family who already loves her more than anything!

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Reference: https://animalchannel.co/kids-find-kitten-in-leg-casts-abandoned-sidewalk/



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