Cedar was stolen two years ago. After a long journey, she finally came back with her loving family who were very happy to see the dog again.

The Peterson family witnessed an significant loss in 2017 when Cedar – their a four-month-old German Shepherd dog was stolen in Florida.

The Petersons try their best to post signs around their Miami-suburb, but no one could locate Cedar. Time passed by but they didn’t receive anything about Cedar and they became hopeless.

However, sometimes miracles, hopes, and prayers really do come true. It took two long years after suffering through many months of longing, the Peterson family finally got their German Shepherd back. The Peterson kids were thrilled to be reunited with their pup. They petted Cedar’s chest and neck on a Fort Lauderdale airport tarmac.

back to late April, the police came and announced that they found a dog covered with snow in a rural Colorado ditch. “Unfortunately, she was seriously malnourished with injured leg”, said the Wings of Rescue organization.  Before going home, Cedar needed to recover from her injuries. She spent three weeks healing. Then, Wings of Rescue helped organize Cedar’s return flight to Florida.

After being adopted, she was brought to vet’s office, where she received treatment for her leg injury. They also checked her microchip and learned that she belonged to Petersons. It took Cedar three weeks and 2,000 miles to travel Colorado after going home to Florida. The Petersons were all so excited to have their sweet girl back. Almost two years after Cedar was stolen, she finally reunited with her loving family!

“I immediately cried,” Tamara Peterson told The Miami Herald. “I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. It’s almost two years to the day.”

Cedar had a rough go for the first few years of her life, but we’re thrilled she’s back home with the people who love her. The Petersons are giving her tons of love and care, and her dog siblings were also excited to see her. Tamara Paterson says that once Cedar is fully recovered, they plan to take her swimming at one of Fort Lauderdale’s dog beaches.

We may never know what happened to Cedar during her first two years of life, but she’s now back where she belongs with her family who loves her. We’re so glad that Cedar is okay!

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Reference: Animalchannel.co


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