Part of why we love animals oh so dearly is because of how funny and unpredictable they can be! We never quite know how they’re going to react in any given situation, and their amusing antics have a wonderful way of brightening our lives and making us laugh. Even when we’re feeling down, the unexpected cuddles of a cat or the entertaining behavior of a canine companion can make us smile.

All dogs love to go for walks, right? Well, this lovely labrador and basset hound cross named Ryder loves his walks a little too much! In fact, he never wants them to end.

Whenever Ryder goes out with his owner, Sean Tornetta, he’ll stop at nothing to make their walk last just a little longer.

source: Twitter

It’s only natural that dogs might get a little frustrated when walkies are over, but most of them enjoy getting home, curling up in their favorite spot or heading straight to their food bowl for a tasty snack. Not Ryder!

You see, when this funny pup figures that his walking time is nearing an end, he starts to put up a fight!

Source: Twitter

Each and every walk Ryder goes on ends with him flopping on the floor, playing dead and weighing his owner down, refusing to move another inch.

Often, the only for Sean to continue is to physically pick Ryder up and carry him the rest of the way, and he’s shared a lot of funny snaps and videos of his dog over on Twitter. In an interview with The Dodo, Sean revealed more about Ryder’s mischievous behavior:

He pretends like he is exhausted, but every time he drops, he is a block or so from our house. He is in shape and can certainly make it. We’ve seen him spring and play for hours at the dog park, so we know it’s all an act.

Source: Twitter

Even though Ryder’s behavior might be a little frustrating and embarrassing for Sean sometimes, especially when Ryder flops over in the middle of the street or in a crowded public place, he can’t help but laugh each and every time.

Still, Sean is trying to train Ryder out of his ‘playing dead’ habit, bringing treats along on walks to try and motivate his dog into moving again.

The second I start to wiggle my pocket with treats, he springs right back up like nothing happened. It’s quite hilarious how sneaky he thinks he is.

Source: Twitter

This funny dog definitely knows how to get his own way! Ryder is absolutely hilarious every time he falls over, knowing that his funny trick helps him stay outside a little longer each time and extended his walks.

Check out Ryder’s antics in the video below, shared by Sean on Twitter and viewed by people all over the world already.

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