Nobody could neglect dog that near the border of death, especially for kids who always considered dogs as their close friends.

When playing ball outside, some of kids saw an abandoned dog staying in their neighborhood with dirty appearance. He was in the dirt cowering behind a pile of old televisions.

With all of curiousity, they approached the pup and carefully observed and made fun of him. Accidently, a boy said ““We don’t do that.”

Because it was too late to rescue the dog, so they tried to find a rescue organization or shelter who were willing to adopt him, but they weren’t having any luck. All the organization that they called said that they were not able to get more because the shortage of room or they were unwilling to take in the small dog without a large cash donation.

Coming up with other idea

The first unsuccessful attempt made the kids hopeless about the dog’s future. Thus, they had to come up with other idea and the last resort come across their minds was Hope for Paws. They decided to message this organization and immediately receive the response.

There were two of the volunteers hopped into a car and were on their way to the neighborhood to find the dog that looked so near death. However, the dog showed that he was not comfortable with the crowd.

When the rescuers first approached, the dog panicked and began to cry. It was obvious that he was not entirely comfortable around people and was expecting abuse. They showed him nothing but kindness and eventually he relaxed when he realized they were not trying to hurt him.

Finding the Dog Beneath the Dirt

Finally, they succeeded in locating the dog’s position and brought the little dog away with them to get him a bath. The volunteer said that they would take care the pup and always update about his status.

The little kids also  named him Nobu on the drive to the vet as he sat in one of the rescuer’s laps in the front seat. He was already settling in.

At the hospital, they spent hours removing hundreds of ticks from the dog’s matted fur. He sat there patiently as the vets did their work. They trimmed his nails and his fur, got the rest of the ticks off of him, and finally it was time for a bath.

In fact, beneath all that dirt and fur, was a clean, lively, and friendly miniature poodle who was just waiting to be discovered.

Becoming friendly

After treatment, the dog was starting to be in a much better mood after a good rest. He gave his rescuers lots of licks and affection. His tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

However, the only thing left to do was to find him a home. The organization, Smooch Pooch, helped with that and soon he had a new adoptive family with plenty of love and other dogs to play with.

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