This dog was alone and scared in a Georgia suburb. She was completely hairless, and no one knows if she was abandoned or born a stray.

Luckily, someone in the neighborhood saw this dog and called up Fulton County Animal Services, an Atlanta based animal rescue charity.

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The caller thought that the little dog had been terribly burned, but when rescuers arrived, they saw that she was just bald and riddled with sores.

They also worked out that the dog was a puppy that had only been in the world for six weeks. She was incredibly malnourished, weighing just four pounds.

Source: Little But Fierce/Facebook

One thing was obvious: when the puppy was rescued, she had never known human kindness. The poor creature was terrified. But pretty soon, she would learn that some people are nice and loving.

The rescue organization connected the puppy with a foster parent, Daphne Bragg.

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She didn’t care that the creature was bald. She could see that the puppy was beautiful in her own way.

At first, the puppy was confused. Home life was completely different than being on the streets.

But she grew comfortable. Daphne would treat the puppy’s skin with medication, easing the pain and effect of the sores.

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Daphne had several forever dogs. They were friendly animals, and they could tell that this little puppy needed a lot of support.

Source: Little But Fierce/Facebook

Thanks to Daphne and her dogs, the little puppy learned how to become a social, friendly animal.

One of Daphne’s forever dogs, Elliot, had been a stray herself. She became especially protective of this hairless puppy.

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It was like she knew that this dog had a similar background to her.

Over the next few weeks, several changes took place with the dog.

Day by day, she was becoming more playful with the dogs and Daphne. She learned that they wouldn’t harm her.

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Also, her fur started growing. In no time at all, she looked as adorable as she should.

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Daphne decided to give this puppy her own name, Pixie Princess.

In fact, she started getting really attached to the little dog. She had helped Pixie at her lowest point. She knew that when Pixie finally got adopted, which was highly likely with the dog’s new fur, everyone would miss her.

But Daphne really couldn’t adopt another dog. She wanted to keep on fostering, and she was stretched to her limit already!

Source: Little But Fierce/Facebook

Eventually, a couple expressed interest in taking Pixie on as their forever dog. They went around to Daphne’s house to meet the puppy. Pixie, who had once been so timid, ran up and said hi to these new people. As soon as the couple looked at Pixie’s eyes, they knew that they had to take her home.

Source: Little But Fierce/Facebook

So Daphne said a teary goodbye to Pixie. Pixie had been in Daphne’s home for six weeks. In that time, the woman and her dogs had grown to love the animal.

“She was definitely a really hard one to give up. But being able to watch that transformation really makes fostering worth it.” – Daphne.

Daphne is lucky enough to still see Pixie from time to time.

The new owners decided to keep the name that Daphne had given the dog. But the funny thing is that Pixie is growing fast. Pretty soon, people will start to wonder how you can call such a big dog “Pixie”!

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