In a world full of sad news and tragic events, it’s always nice and refreshing to hear about something happy and uplifting – this is certainly one of those stories.

In mid-April of 2019, a Reddit user with the handle u/LuciferLOL666 posted a message that was truly kind and generous to begin with. What they didn’t know, however, is that the compassionate post would garner lots of attention from people across the country.

“I made a wheelchair for my friends disabled dog. Some of the parts were 3D printed and the rest cost under $20 on amazon. The dogs reaction was priceless. If anyone has a disabled dog I will provide the 3D printed parts for free and give you directions on how to assemble the rest,” is what the Reddit user initally offered the Reddit world.

Source: Reddit

Within the next couple of days, the poster had started to receive hundreds of requests asking for 3-D printed wheelchair parts for an immobile animal that they knew. The original poster (OP) included the sweetest video of the happy dog finally being able to roam around.

“I’m blown away how successful this became and how quickly. I have had roughly 40 requests for parts so far and I will begin printing the items for the smaller animals first. I think I can have all requests so far shipped out by the end of next week. I have to juggle these a bit with work related prints, but these parts are fairly small and will print quickly,” they updated.

The OP goes on to explain how they grew up always admiring people like Steve Irwin, Jack Hannah, and David Attenborough.

Source: Reddit

It’s clear that their love for animals is immense. The poster explains that they have a Fortus 900 FDM printer that allows them to mass produce parts with ease. And surprisingly, there were so many more animals in need of their help then they could have ever imagined.

Due to all of the attention that this post was getting, the Reddit user has also started to reach out to other people to help fulfill all of the requests that have been flooding in. It’s not shocking that there are lots of other Good Samaritans out there who want to help this incredible cause.

“This got way more attention than I anticipated and I have hundreds of requests. I have reached out to several industrial 3d printing services to see if they can volunteer some machine time and material and I will be reaching out to people that volunteered to crowdsource their machines to help production as well.

Source: Reddit

I am currently separating all the requests from help offers and may take a little bit since I have about 3000 messages. I am redoing some of the parts to make them print with less model and support material. I also reached out to the original creator, Erica Charbonneau @rickee to see if she would like to team up for this and she has offered to help as well,” was one of the latest updates on the thread.

Thanks to one single Reddit post, hundreds of cats, dogs, and other beloved animals will soon get mobility.

Check out the entire thread below and see how happy this pup is to finally be able to move around. If you know an animal that could use some mobility aid, reach out to this Reddit user by sending them a direct message.

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