How to make a wonderful birthday for your pup? There was a man taking service dog on shopping spree for his birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my best friend,” Cantu wrote. “You are there day or night, and always able to cheer me up no matter the circumstances. I cannot imagine life without you.” In May 2019, he shared a cute video of Toli’s zoomies when he was off-duty. The pup had a great time running around on the grass!

Mike Cantu ‘s life absolutely changed when Toli – a service dog came to helps him with numerious tasks around the house, and the pup also accompanies Cantu when he goes out into the world. Mike Cantu loves his dog so excess. Every moment they spent together for four years since they had been friends are so valuable Cantu enjoys every minute he spends with his pup.

 “He’s been with me every step of the way since I got him,” said Cantu “He helps me open doors and drawers, turn on/off lights, picks up things I drop, etc.”

For all love for the pup, Cantu decided to give his friend a great gift to show his appreciation to the dog Cantu always take Toli shopping on his birthday. Cantu said “This has kinda become a tradition on his birthday,” Mike said. “He loves taking naps and cuddling with his toys.”

Cantu always bought Toli specific toy requirements—he’s a big fan of fluffy toys that have plenty of fuzz to rip up. Since Toli is so particular, Cantu always lets him pick out his own toy. In April 2019, Cantu and Toli headed to their local pet store to go on a shopping spree for Toli’s fourth birthday.

 “That rabbit, who is now named Chungus, he takes with him everywhere,” Cantu said.

Additionally, Cantu often bought Toli some doggy snack, ice cream after he picked out his toy. Then they all together enjoy the birthday party.  

To record the moment Toli chosen gift, Cantu shared the adorable video of Toli picking out his toy on Reddit, and it quickly went viral. Everyone loved how much thought Toli put into picking out his toy. One Reddit user even sent over another birthday toy for Toli. Toli loved it!

Toli is a sweet, smart dog who has a great best friend who loves him more than anything. If you want to see Toli’s birthday shopping spree, check out the video below.



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