For some, love knows no boundaries. Even in the animal kingdom.

Even though Nala was a little kitten, a dog named Izzy took the baby cat in as if it was her own when she needed a momma.

In fact, the reason why Nala is here today is because of several acts on behalf of mothers who weren’t her biological mother. Nala’s story begins as a newborn kitten that was abandoned in a dirty alley.ADVERTISEMENT

Source: Jaime Myers

The tiny kitten was found by a neighbor who heard Nala’s tiny cries and brought the tabby to the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service in Spokane, Washington.

Nala’s caretakers knew that she needed a mother’s love to survive.

So, they put out a plea on Facebook asking for a foster home for Nala. Jamie Myers saw the post and jumped at the chance to foster Nala. She was already fostering a mother and kittens.

Source: Jaime Myers

The mother cat had actually lost a few of her kittens, so Myers hoped that Nala would be welcomed as one of the mother cat’s own.

The pairing worked out quite well. The mother cat even let little Nala nurse from her.

“She was about a week and a half younger than my group, so I said, ‘My mama is pretty wonderful. She’s been very accepting so let’s see if she can’t nurse,’” Myers told The Dodo. “Nala nursed straight away and mama took her in instantly. She started licking her, and grooming her and showing her acceptance and love.”

Source: Jaime Myers

It was a perfect match but it wasn’t going to last long since the mama and her babies were about ready to be adopted.

“She did everything later than the rest of the group,” Myers said. “When they all opened their eyes, she still had her eyes closed, and when they started toddling about, she was still latched onto Mama nursing.”

It wasn’t long before Nala was alone again. But that wouldn’t last long either.

Source: Jaime Myers

Meyers took in a dog named Izzy who just gave birth to some puppies. Meyers thought that Izzy’s motherly instincts might kick in for Nala seeing that she was a baby all by herself.

And she was absolutely correct.

“The mama dog kept trying to get Nala and pick her up and put her in with the rest of her babies,” Myers said. “She just thought one of the babies was out and missing — she kept trying to put it back and put it back.”

Source: Jaime Myers

Izzy immediately decided that Nala was one of her own.

“Izzy became more and more insistent that Nala belonged with her, so eventually, Myers decided to take a chance. “The kitten could not walk across the floor without Izzy getting up from nursing to hunt her down,” Myers said. “She was trying to tell us, ‘This little creature belongs in my family.’”

Source: Jaime Myers

Myers decided to easy Nala into the doggie family by placing her into the dog pen while she supervised.

Nala was so happy to be a part of family life once again.

“As soon as we put Nala in with her babies, she settled and was happy and all was right in her world again,” Myers said. “And Nala just all the sudden had all these little warm bodies for snuggles and love, and a new fur mama to care for her, and she just fit in with her second foster family.”

Source: Jaime Myers

Nala was a part of the family but also did her own thing. She got in and out of the pen when she wanted to but would return for snuggle and nap time.

Eventually, Nala grew strong enough to be adopted.

But this left Izzy a little bit sad when Nala went. So, Myers decided to foster a pair of bonded kittens so now Izzy is happy all over again. Izzy is proof that real love has no boundaries.

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