Massachusetts State Trooper Carlo Mastromattei thought he was looking at a dog at first when he was on patrol one Sunday night.

After all, the caller did say that there was a wounded puppy in the road.

While Mastromattei did find a pup, it wasn’t a dog. When he pulled over on the side of the road of the busy Revere Beach Parkway near Suffolk Downs he saw a tiny, very scared coyote pup.

Source: Massachusetts State Police

The trooper looked around but didn’t see the pup’s mom anywhere in sight. Mastromattei knew that the coyote baby could easily get hit by a car or be harmed in some other way where he was, so he reached out to the local wildlife and animal control authorities to help cage the pup.

Unfortunately, no one was available to assist him. But Mastromattei wasn’t about to give up on this pup.

He decided to give Ocean View Kennels a call since he knows the kennel’s owner Lisa Cutting. Ocean View Kennels were happy to respond and helped assist Mastromattei in getting the coyote pup into a crate. When she arrived, Cutting decided to name the pup Carlo after the Mastromattei.

Source: Massachusetts State Police

“The baby coyote was leaning against the sidewalk in fear. He was frozen with fear,” Lisa Cutting told CBS Boston. “If they can be helped, saved, rescued, rehabbed, they deserve that chance. Put my gloves on. Grabbed a towel and a quarantine cage, and picked him up and brought him to safety. They all deserve and chance, and Carlo got it.”

Source: Massachusetts State Police

Mastromattei then brought the crated coyote pup to his girlfriend’s house. They are both animal lovers and knew they could properly care for the pup overnight until he could be transported to Tufts Wildlife in North Grafton.

Ocean View Kennel transported the pup to Tufts Wildlife the next day. They were able to determine that the coyote pup was in good health.

He is now on his way to a wildlife specialist in the Berkshires so he can be rehabilitated and get himself acclimated to life in the wild where he will eventually be released.

Source: Massachusetts State Police

“The Department offers its sincere thanks to Trooper Mastromattei, his girlfriend, Ocean View Kennels, and Tufts for their compassionate care for this beautiful little creature,” the Massachusettes State Police said on their Facebook page.

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