Some stories are so strange that they just can’t be made up – and this is one of them. Let imagine that a cute dog had an extra ear, filled with teeth and salivating. That’s Toad, a dog handed in to an animal welfare shelter in Oklahoma.

A rescue shelter in Oklahoma recently took in an abandoned dog that had very unique features. The dog had a second mouth growing where the ear should have been. It even had teeth and salivated.

Posted by Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society on Monday, February 4, 2019

Toad was 5 years old and showed up at the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare shelter – presumably abandoned because of her unique look. He was very different to most dogs. Given that, she was then transferred to Mutt Misfits, which is a charity and rescue center that specifically takes care of dogs with severe medical issues and conditions.

“She was initially showing lots of aggression but once she and I got together, that all disappeared.”

Heather Hernandez is the charity’s co-founder and now Toad’s owner. She recently spoke about the first time she saw Toad when she came into the shelter. “We originally thought it had two teeth but we did a dental cleaning on the ear a few weeks ago and discovered it has several.

“A few of the ear teeth had cracked, which caused some discomfort, but once we removed the broken teeth she was good as new,” Hernandez continued.

The second mouth is most likely from a parasitic twin. It appeared to have a few teeth, some that had cracked, and lips that actually salivated.

As you’re probably wondering, the second mouth isn’t able to function as a normal mouth and is also missing a jaw, so it does not open or close.

 “The ear mouth does not have a jaw though so it doesn’t actually open and close. The skin and ear lips are what move primarily.”

Heather came across Toad when he was handed in at her animal charity, Mutt Misfits, which deals with deformed and disabled dogs. 

“The charity was formed because in shelter settings there aren’t many organisations that specialise in the special needs pups,” she said.

“Most rescue groups take in highly adoptable pups from shelters and rehome them.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, USA Meet Toad, the dog who is growing a second mouth – which even has teeth and salivates – where her ear should be (Credit: Pen News/Heather Hernandez) (Pen News £25, £15, £10 online) (Contact

“We focus on animals with major medical issues and saving the sick and injured pets. We like to help people to understand that animals don’t have to be perfect to make perfect pets.”

 “We like to help people to understand that animals don’t have to be perfect to make perfect pets,” she says.

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