Kelsi used to disbelieve in miracles until that day when she woke up and saw a picture of a positive pregnancy test on her phone.

At the age of 31, a woman usually has one or two kids. For some people, that is a fact. However, It becomes Kelsi’s greatest dream. “All I wish is a happy family with my husband and my children.” The couple from Minnesota had tried to have a baby for three years, but as try as they might, failed pregnancy tests were continuously sent back to them. 


“We tried everything, but nothing happened.” Because of her low ovarian reserve, the lining of her uterus was too thin to carry a pregnancy. Everything went dark for the hopeless couple. 


With broken hearts, they have to choose between adopting a kid and having a gestational carrier who could carry one of the couple’s embryos for them. However, the second option typically costs more than $100,000 and they can’t afford it. Luckily, there is one rent – free candidate for the second option and she is Kelsi’s mother, a 53-year-old woman, the one who loves her daughter so much that she decided to carry a pregnancy for her. 

Despite the assumption that a woman should not carry a child at the age of 53, Kelsi’s mother passed all the tests and was approved for a transfer. She was confirmed pregnant, on Feb. 15. 


Kelsi finally stopped seeing fertility doctors and taking fertility medications. But one day, she woke up with a message on her phone, telling the couple about a positive pregnancy test. “It was a picture and I was so shocked that my mind went completely blank. I thought it was just the same as what I received many times before, but It wasn’t.” To confirm, Kelsi took a second test, which had the same result. No long after that, she was confirmed pregnant by doctors. 


But how’s about Kelsi’s mom? 


Fortunately, Kelsi and her mom decided to embrace their pregnancies together. The pair shared pregnancy tips and tricks, facetimed each other at doctor’s appointments, and discussed pregnancy cravings. They named their children Everly and Ava, which means “Forever” and  “Bird”. In the end, Everly and Ava were born healthily and happily. 


Kelsi finally believed that nothing was impossible. She never stopped trying until she got what she wanted. “We were so lucky to have a supportive mom and determined doctor that truly cared about us and our struggles.” Her dream of becoming a mother finally came true.




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